Affiliate Disclosure


Affiliate Disclosure

All information on this website is published for General knowledge purposes only. All products published on this website are reviewed for your information. There is no guarantee or warranty for any product to be published on our website. The information you get on this website is for information only.

Whatever information you read on our website is absolutely free. This means that you do not pay even 0 rupees to read any information or review, nor do we take it. A hyperlink to an external website can be found on our website. However, we exchange good website links that are safe for us and you. We do not send any users to fake websites, yet you should take care of yourself.

You can definitely get affiliate links on our website, if you do some shopping by clicking on that link then we can get a small commission. But it does not cost you any extra money.
We can affiliate Google ads, sponsors, and many more companies on our website. Whatever we do, we connect with a reliable website so that no one can harm you as well as mine.

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